Hi, I'm Emma McGowan. I'm a freelance writer with a particular interest in technology and the tech world.

Emma McGowan's Bio:

Emma McGowan is a full time freelance writer who has gotten really good at juggling multiple jobs.


Her most recent stuff can be found on The Bold Italic, where she writes about startups, human sexuality, San Francisco. She's also the Community Manager of MADE, a new startup that connects high-end freelancers with the people who want to hire them.


Her long-term job is writing for the tech website KillerStartups, where she spends the day exploring the ever-fascinating world of internet startups and, especially, connecting with the people who make them happen. Emma loves to conduct interviews and find out exactly what makes fellow internet entrepreneurs' minds tick.


Keeping right in with the tech topics, Emma's personal blog is Kink&Code (www.kinkandcode.com or @MissEmmaMcG on Twitter), where she writes about the intersection of human sexuality and technology.


Another site that enjoyed Emma McGowan's witty repartee is RedMica, Inc. For RedMica, Emma wrote about personal finances with an aim toward keeping 20-somethings engaged. (Not an easy task!)


And last but not least, Emma is a main content contributor for the excellent natural supplement company NatureCity, which has a more mature audience and a scientific bend: Emma reports on the latest research in the natural health world.

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Emma McGowan's Interests & Activities:

writing, reading murder mysteries, vintage fashion, old cars, speaking Spanish with a mishmashed South American accent, sewing, decorating, looking at old stuff, museums, walking everywhere